Two Indestructible Dog Bed Options To Chew On So Long

Ladies and gentlemen, dogs and pups, no, not you lot, shoo, scat, no cats allowed, this is for man’s best friend only. For girl’s best friends too. Sorry ma’am. Sorry Fiffy. Okay, let’s scratch that; let’s start that again –meeow, meow, meow – no, no, no – tap-tap-tap – not the cat’s choir. The dog’s biscuits. And the dog’s basket. That’s why we are here so shuddup over there, you lot in the cheap alley cans, this is for dogs only. And their beautiful marms and faithful masters. So pay attention now and let’s start this over again, shall we.

Ladies and gentlemen, dogs and pups, allow us to introduce you to two indestructible dog bed choices to chew on so long. This to help make your life a little easier and to maybe, just maybe, stop scratching and chewing for a little bit. Allow us to introduce you to the Romeo Orthopedic and the Kuranda Dog Bed. Fellers, you might want to look away for a moment because this Kuranda is, wait for it, chew proof. No, ma’am, next please. Okay, so the Romeo Orthopedic bed prevents bacteria growth and knocks out stains and nasty odors.

If you don’t mind the hair, it does tend to get stuck in the bed that does not break, just as it would in your old couch. Cleaning can be a botheration. But the bed is a chewproof phenomenon and that is something worth chowing about. Three sizes are available, but no sizes are available for Great Danes and similarly horse sized dawgs. Hair or no hair, it is apparent that this Romeo Orthopedic is being recommended by veterinarians. It is a real toughie when the young pup has a tendency to pee in places his not supposed to.

indestructible dog bed

But the Romeo is water resistant. It is durable as well. LiftTex technology has been used to help the laziest of creepy crawlers to get in and out of bed. It is perfect for old dogs that have begun to experience arthritic pains. The mattress promotes joint health as well. As for the Kuranda Dog Bed, get this, it is worth repeating again and again. The bed is chewproof. It’s also made from aluminum. And it is primed for larger dog breeds. But, sadly, still no space for Great Dane. Sigh, are there invincible, indestructible beds available out there for Great Danes.

Absolutely. Just do the correct keyword coding and you’ll get a good board of what is available for this splendid breed. But just how many Great Danes are out there these days? It is a rare breed indeed. Unlike dirty Romeo, Kuranda is quite easy to keep clean. It can be placed inside and outside for old Fido over there, but if you’re no DIY dude around the place, you could have a hard time assembling this indestructible bed, can you believe that. Just two choices, hope it helped. Bow-wow, time to go, chow time.